The Absolutely True Story of The Coconauts

coconaut v launch
The launch of Coconaut V
The Coconauts are an instrumental surf combo that was lost in a space capsule that was launched on July 4th, 1963: its mission to contact alien life with its out-of-this-world instromatic surf sounds.

Unfortunately, the capsule, Coconaut V, was caught in what was then thought of a time/matter anomaly but is now known as the space/time continuum.
 In this unfortunate situation, the Coconauts were forced to perform the same day over and over again.
coconauts before launch
The Coconauts getting ready to board Coconaut V
Fortunate for them, it was an incredible concert that was set up on the moon, so during this time they were able to refine and practice their sound.  It wasn't until their science officer, David "Countdown" DeStefano figured out how to escape their "Groundhog Day" by applying extreme logic and mad physics formulas, along with intoxicating cocktails and outstanding martial arts skills, to the capsule's trajectory.  This was able to provide a "ripple-effect" and caused a momentary worm-hole that first officer Tom "one small step" Armstrong took advantage of with an engine burst.  

Under the command of flight commander Matt "tha Kat" Lentz and the spiritual direction of Kurt "Cooter" Nederbrock, the Coconauts were able to re-enter Earth's atmosphere and touch-down near the islands of Micronesia in the South Pacific in July of 2009.  Since overcoming their discombobulation of being "lost in time," the Coconauts were discharged from their top secret NASA program and released to the public to bring their incredibly pleasurable act to you live.  

Matt "tha Kat" was reassigned from The Coconauts in January 2013, Tom was promoted to flight commander and The Coconauts have been performing as a trio ever since.  The Coconauts aim to please and are sure to convert you with their Coco-naughty sounds of the surf.  So, bring a little reverberation into your life, kick back, and imbibe their intoxicating concoction of multi-dimensional sounds of the summer of 1963.