Tom Armstrong - Guitar

David DeStefano - Bass Guitar
Kurt Nederbrock - Drums

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The Coconauts are an out of this world reverb-drenched instrumental surf band. These astronauts that were lost in time and space found their way back to Earth during July 2009 and brought their classic sound from the '60s to Arizona. With a large repertoire of originals and their own take on classics, The Coconauts are sure to convert you with their Coco-naughty sounds of the surf. So, bring a little reverberation into your life, kick back and imbibe their intoxicating concoction of multi-dimensional sounds of the summer of 1963.

The Coconauts have been performing together in the Phoenix area since 2009. They have performed at a wide variety of venues throughout the valley including such places as the Rhythm Room, Big Surf Water Park, the Arizona Taco Festival and Chase Field. It's not just interesting places they've played, The Coconauts have performed with national acts like The Fireballs (#1 Billboard hit Sugar Shack in '63, Bulldog), Deadbolt and Laramie Dean as well as with a wide variety of local bands.  The Coconauts have also performed live on FOX 10 News, Erratic Radio and the NSFW Show (Episode 196 available on twit.tv).  Their fun attitude and catchy music fits into any event.

Their debut CD "Get Coco-Naughty!" was released January 2012 on Deep Eddy Records based in Austin, Texas.  The CD is available at retailers around the world as well as being sold digitally on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and others. The song The Lonely Coconaut from the CD was used in the DVD extras section of Jaws "Changing the Game" released by Peahi Surf Media. The Lonely Coconaut was also featured on a Deep Eddy Records compilation CD titled Radical Waves.  cd cover
The limited edition EP "I Drove My Car To Heaven" was released October 2013 comprising of three original songs that will be on their next full length CD. The EP is the first release from The Coconauts as a trio and is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and many other locations.  cd cover

What people are saying about "I Drove My Car To Heaven":
"...Excellent musicianship and excellent sounds permeate I Drove My Car To Heaven.  I absolutely love this EP."
"...I Drove My Car To Heaven is a beautiful, dreamy song, reminiscent of starry moonlit nights, the Milky Way and the light fantastic.  What a terrific way to start things off while, at the same time, pointing toward The Coconauts' new direction!  I Drove My Car To Heaven is so pretty that I nominate it to be on the 2014 Top 10 Instrumental Hits list."

-Duke - surfrockmusic.com
-Full track by track review - surfrockmusic.com/the-coconauts-i-drove-my-car-to-heaven.html

What people are saying about "Get Coco-Naughty!":
"...one of the best versions we've heard of 'Over the Rainbow'..."
"...a surprising yet effective choice of an uptempo surfer in young Charlie Aznavour's 'She' which no-one could seen coming but it's great!"
"Super album throughout with just the mix of material."
-Davy - New Gandy Dancer (UK)

"...In summary I must say The Coconauts are summertime, wintertime, springtime, autumntime fun. They rock hard. They make me smile. And it's true. They're naughty. They are perfect! Want some fun on the wild side? Get Coco-naughty!"
-Emma Jade Gunn - surfrockmusic.com
-Full track by track review - surfrockmusic.com/the-coconauts-get-coco-naughty.html

"The Lonely Coconaut - Terrific surf tune with a Spanish flair. The Coconauts soak the speakers in a sea of reverb. The steady eighth-note rhythm and bass drives The Lonely Coconaut in an intoxicating, yet captivatingly urgent, direction. The lead guitar is beautiful. With my headphones on, The Lonely Coconaut has an almost three-dimensional sound and physical feel to it. How did they do that? Very cool. With music like this, The Lonely Coconaut won't be lonely for long."
-Justin Hayes - surfrockmusic.com/deep-eddy-records-presents-radical-waves.html

The Coconauts can be contacted at theamazingcoconauts@gmail.com for any and all events.

You can read the story of The Coconauts here.